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About Geek Internet Development
The concept of Geek Internet Development came together as we labored in our respective fields. It became more and more evident we were becoming experts. We also began meeting other accomplished people with complimentary computer/internet skills.

Now we have taken these relationships and built a network of highly-trained, technology-savvy professionals to work on your projects. Besides, if you're going to do something for the rest of your life, you may as well have fun doing it and work with people that you like!

Meet the Geeks!

Glenn Gregorec
Head Geek in Charge (HGIC)

When he's not negotiating the Spaghetti Bowl with his cell phone glued to his ear, Glenn practices the stress relief technique of Cannonball Therapy.

Karin Gregorec
Jack of All Trades (JOAT)

When she's not busy prioritizing computer emergencies, Karin practices the stress relief technique of Yoga, Cooking and Softball.


  • Born in Lyndhurst, New Jersey (why is a place that smells like that called The Garden State?)
  • Spent his formative years playing Zork on a Commodore 64.
  • Graduated from Muhlenberg College.


  • Born in New Jersey.
  • Spent her formative years playing space invaders on her ATARI.
  • Graduated from East Stroudsburg University.
To rid the planet of inferior network design and servicing, to build web sites that repel the "Evil Goons of Bad Taste" and, eventually, find a pair of pants that will actually fit someone who's 6'8".

To organize the planet against computer chaos and eventually settle down at a beach front property.

Mortal Weaknesses
Food, ceiling fans and lightning.

Mortal Weaknesses
Pizza & Ice Cream.

Battle Cry
"Put some tape on it...I'll be right there!"

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Battle Cry
"There's no crying in baseball."

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David Henry
Geek Mad Scientist (GMS)

When not experimenting with some form of technology, David usually is melting metal or machining it.



  • Born in New Castle, Pennsylvania (is it a trend, geeks from the east coast invading?)
  • Spent his formative years learning how to blow stuff up (safely?).
  • Military Training (Electronics & Metrology). US-Navy or Marine Taxi Service


To experiment with any form of technology, and to think up imaginative ways to use it (other than the way it was designed).


Mortal Weaknesses
Anything that could possible explode or melt, oh and technology.


Battle Cry
"Do you think it'll work? It would take a miracle."

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